Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bye Guys xx

Hi Y'all!
Okay soo I've had this blog for a while and lets be real it's not got that far. I think that's partly because I didn't have a set idea of what I wanted to do with it and partly because I wasn't very dedicated to it.
So I have decided that this isn't really working for me anymore.
I am sorry to the five people who actually ever read this XD but I am not stopping blogging I just have a different idea of what I want to do so I am starting a fresh with a new blog, maybe when that gets up and running I will post a link here but I kinda like the idea of starting completly anew with a new blog that nobody knows I have but we'll see maybe you'll find me anyway :D

Love you guys
I'll see you soon 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Something new everyday ♥ 100

I haven't posted in ages but I have been working on a new project which I am actually pretty excited to start!
I have decided that I want to try something new, not do the same thing everyday, shake things up a little so I have decided to challenge myself!
I will learn try or do something new everyday as well as something that makes me happy for 100 days. These things won't be big something like learning a new cord on the guitar and spending 10 minutes reading my favourite book. 
If I manage to keep this up by the end of the 100 days I may have leaned a whole new skill! And hopefully I will get into the habit of trying new things and doing what makes me happy.
AS WELL as all this I am also going to be blogging at lot more and keeping track of all I've learnt I may not post everyday but I'll write it down and post later on in the week. This is kind of a way for me to keep track of all I'm doing so I can see how my little experiment is going :D 
I have also set up a tumblr/how to instagram account called 'abbithetumblrgurl' so check me out and follow me on there! 
That's it from me today! If you have any ideas of things I could do, want to see my list of small things I'll do to make me happy or have any request for any posts for me to do then post in the comments and I'll reply straight away and get to it! :)

Talk to you soon!♥
Abbi xoxo

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Polyvore! ♥

Hi guys!
First post in ages I know I will get into the habit of blogging more eventually!
As you guys know I am a girl who likes a bit of fashion but frankly can't be bothered to go out shopping so I use polyvore! I love creating and putting outfits together for other people mainly and not so much myself but polyvore is a great place to do this, you can put outfits and collections togther and publish them or just keep them for your eyes only! I only joined recently and I have only just started posting but if any of you guys want to check it out here is the link to my page and you should deffo make an ccount for yourself while you're there! Follow me and comment on my sets if you have any outfits or collections you want me to check out and I will be sure to give it a look!

Here are some of the sets that I have put together already- check out the link to see more :)
Summer prettiness

Edgy cuteness

Flirty Chick

That's it for this post guys! Thanks for putting up with me not posting in ages! Ily!
Talk to you in the comments!
Abbi xoxo

Monday, 13 January 2014

2013 Favourites!

Hi guys!
Welcome to the first blog post of 2014 and because of that here is all my favourites from last year!
Now this post is going to be a little different from my other favourites posts as it is going to go on for ever if I describe each item in that much detail so here are my 2013 favourites (in no particular order) and a couple of reasons why these things are so awesome :) Let's get started!
PS, I should mention that some of these things weren't made or realeased in 2013 but I've only started using them this year.
Here we Go!

These are some of my personal favourite albums that I listened to in 2013
  • Enchanted  by Emma Stevens
  • English Rain by Gabrielle Aplin
  • Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy
  • Demi  by Demi Lovato
  • Pitch Perfect Soundtrack
And I also have a song that I just have to share with you guys even though it is not an album and that is 'Boys in books are better' by Carrie Fletcher. I love this song so much it just describes the thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis! Go check it out!

Favourite beauty products of last year!

  • Baby Lips lip balm
  • Miss Sporty Waterproof Mascara
  • Colour Contour eye kit
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous nail polishes (Review to follow)
  • Soap & Glory Moisturizing Spray
I am going to do a review of the Drop Dead Gorgeous Nail polishes and if you would like a review of any of the other products just let me know in the comments below or on twitter @AbbiDabs13 :)

Too hard to pick just 5 so this is one piece from each season!

  • Spring - Red Skinny Jeans! - it was a cold spring but these were great to add colour to your outfit and you could easily pair with a cami or a sweater depending of the weather!
  • Summer - Maxi Dresses! - I'd never really worn maxi dresses until this summer but it was so hot that I ended up getting one and falling in love!
  • Autumn - Brown Suede Boots! - I love my boots all year round but they were great in Autumn  to wear with anything and keep my toes nice and toasty!
  • Winter - ummm Knit Jumpers! _ Especially my fluffy burgundy one! I've worn them with jeans, leggings, and with skirts (and tights obviously..)
If you want pictures of the pieces that I've talked about then comment or tweet me and I'll post them in another post :)

So that's it! I would also just like to give a HUGE shoutout to my amazing friends who have made my 2013 amazing and are already making 2014 awesome!

Talk to you soon guys!
Abbi xxx

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Welcome 2014!

Hi guys!
As most of you are probably aware it is in fact New Year's eve today! In Britain that is...depending on where you are it could be January 1st 2014.....anyway wherever you are and whatever the day is Happy New Years!
Yes 2014 is swooping in and taking us all by surprise leaving us wondering where last year went! Even though it went crazy fast it has still been amazing but I recon that 2014 is going to be even better!
So here are my New Year resolutions for 2014!

Number 1!

Blog more!
Yes I am making this resolution and I am sticking to it! My aim it to blog at least once a week for a minimum of three weeks a month (so it's okay if I miss one week a month but I will try not to!) Right now I think that it will probably on a Thursday but that all depends on school and my drama classes and show rehearsals.
Talking of school...

Number 2!

Stop Procrastinating!
I need to stop putting things off and do them right away! That includes blogging, homework, course work ( I will be starting my GCSE corses in April) and learning lines! Procrastinating is a really bad habit that I have and I have to stop!!

Number 3!

Practise guitar and clarinet more!
I don't practise enough basically...that's it!

Number 4!

My final one! Stop Worrying!
I worry a lot about things that I really don't need to worry about and I sometimes worry to the point that I feel sick but I couldn't do anything to change the situation anyway whether I was worrying or not- so why worry?! In 2014 I want to stop worrying about things that I cant change, have fun, do well, and have an amazing year and I hope the rest of you have an awesome year ahead of you too!!

So those are my new years resolutions, what are some of yours? Tell me in the comments and if they still aren't working (I know I know I am trying to get it sorted I promise!) Then tweet me @AbbiDabs13 or use the hashtag #girlandherdog2014 and I'm sure to reply asap!

So thanks guys! And I hope that's your 2014 rocks!
Talk to you soon! Abbi xoxoxoxo

PS Hope you guys like the new background curtsy of Shabby :)

Saturday, 7 December 2013

November Favourites!

Hi guys! Okay first off I would like to apologise for not blogging in ages but for some reason my blogger account hasn't been working properly and I am glad to be able to talk to you guys again!
I know this blog post is kind of late considering but this post is going to be all of my November favourites!!

Okay so I haven't really done a blog post like this in the past, the products have been spate but that's not what I want to do this time so I am going to put them all in one post for this month.

The first thing that I have been using CONTSANTLY this month is Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm and it is AMAZING! You can get 6 different ones in the UK, three of them have an SPF and a certain property, for example there is one that contains menthol and one that gives intensive hydration. The other three are tinted lip balms, so as well as being really hydrating, they also add a sheen of colour to your lips.

I own two, Cherry Kiss, which is a hydrating lip balm that adds a deep red sheen to the lips, and Instant Hydration, which -as the name suggest- gives and extra boost of hydration and contains an SPF of 20.

My next favourite of November is more of a fashion favourite and I have been using this ALL the time when I go out after school, on the weekend anytime I go out and I need a bag I use this baby!
This is kind of a bad picture but the best I took! Maybe I should work
View IMG_0055.jpg in slide showon my photography skills.... Anyways!
I love basically everything about this bag! It's the perfect size, you can carry everything you need in it without it being too big and I love the style of it. The strap is adjustable so you can either wear it over the shoulder or ON your shoulder.
The design on it is awesome, I don't even really know how to describe it, it's basically vertical stripes of different patterned material within the same colour scheme and it also has s few stripes of leather in green and brown, it's just really nice!
I got this bag at Claire's on sale down from £22 to £8 so it was a real find!

Back to another beauty favourite now with the Waterproof Showtime Mascara from New York Colour. The reason that I've added this to my list of November favourites is because I got it half way through last month and I am really liking it. It adds a lot of volume to my lashes without being too over powering and I absolutely love the fact that it is water proof! When I get a mascara it has to be water proof, especially this time of the year and it's not because I cry a lot or anything! It's just because my eyes water easily with the wind and such so I am loving my new mascara right now!

And y'know we have to add some food to the mix and I really can't think of anything better than this!

Oh yeah baby! It's a Wonka bar! When I saw this it was literally like a childhood dream come true and it is so delicious I can't even begin to describe it, this one is the Crème Brulee and it's vanilla cream with caramel and covered in milk chocolate and I have to say, I'm not much of a chocolate eater but I am in love with this chocolate bar!

And to finish off my musical favourite of the month is Emma Stevens' new album - Enchanted
I heard the song 'Riptide' on the radio and I just had to get the album! I love all of these songs and they all have a great feel good factor and I can't help singing and dancing along whenever the song comes on!

So that's all of my November Favourites! If you want me to d a separate review of any of these products or you would like a link to where you can get them then just tell me in the comments!
Thanks for reading!
Love Abbi x
P.S the comments should be working again now! Anything you want to tell me feel free to comment and I will reply as so as possible! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Born Lippy!


So I am back with more of my Autumn favourites, let's get started!

These are my second Autumn favourites and I am obsessed with them! They are amazing! As the weather is getting colder and lips get dry and chapped, this is literally your best friend in the whole world, it is like a miracle in a pot!
It keeps your lips really moisturised - which is perfect as the weather gets colder - and they add just a hint of colour that is perfect for school with out being really noticeable,
Watermelon = pale pink hint
Strawberry = red hint
Raspberry = deep pink hint
Passionberry = purple hint (it won't turn your lips dark purple just a slight hue of colour )
Satsuma Shimmer = orange shimmer hint
And did I mention how good they smell? They smell so fruity and delicious that I just want to eat them up!
And I still didn't tell you the best part! They are only £2! So let's give a quick recap :
  • Smell Great
  • Gorgeous colours
  • Taste good
  • Moisturises lips amazingly
  • Great price!
What's not to love?! You can get them at your local Body Shop or online at
As always if you have any comments, questions or requests then please post them down below and I WILL respond asap!
Abbi xxx